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Welcome to the home page of The Crazy Light Lady.

2008 Display Currently Up and Running but still not finished!

I'm now located in the lighting friendly town of Bonham Texas across the street from the VA, you can't miss it.

One of the very first musical animated displays using 100% LEDs controlled with D-Light Hardware

What happens when a workaholic self-taught computer geek tries to retire?

Well, I decided to find the most complex, involved hobby imaginable.

I love Christmas Lights and Fireworks, but since I'm somewhat of a klutz, chemicals and gun-powder is not a really good mix.  So, lights it is.  I restore old Pinball Machines too, but that's another story. 

I've been decorating with lights for more years than I can remember and this is 2007 will be my fifth year of animating my lights.  The first year was totally pathetic compared with what I'm doing now, but it was a start.  I used 2 American DJ controllers and one Digital light show.  I think I'm the only person who noticed.

2004 was a different story, as I moved up to 48 Channels of Light-O-Rama and programmed my first sequences using their software.  The first song I programmed took me two weeks to complete, the second song took a couple of days, and since I'm never really satisfied with my sequences, they're never the same from the beginning of the season till the very last day. 

In 2005 D-Light introduced their "build your own" boards, having known Darryl Quinn and his software Comet from Computer Christmas years ago, the switch from LOR to D-Light was a "no-brainer" in my book.  Since the introduction of the D-Light boards, I've built 32 8 channel A/C boards, added 6 16 channel D/C boards, and just recently built 2 of their brand new 16 channel A/C boards! 

I know you're now thinking, "Wow!, that's a lot of channels!, and you're correct.  I used all for them when HGTV taped the Allen display for their 2007 special, "What's With That Decked Out Christmas House".  That's about it for now, I'm revamping my site with new R&D information on every type of led lighting imaginable as leds seem to be my favorite obsession for the time being.



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